The Ramifications of the War in Syria: Where Does the World Stand?


Day One - Sunday 30th October 2016

08:15 Registration
SESSION I The Background of the War in Syria
08:45 Opening Remarks
09:00 Political Briefing; A Western Perspective
09:15 Intelligence Briefing
09:30 Political Briefing; The Syrian Government Perspective
09:45 Panel Discussion
SESSION II Syrian Foreign Relations During the Crisis
10:15  A Global Geopolitical Overview 
10:30 A Western Perspective
10:45 A Military Perspective As An Outsider
11:00 The Syrian Government Perspective
11:15 Panel discussion
11:45 Coffee
SESSION III The Media War During the Syrian Crisis
12:15  The Global Media Narrative of the Syrian War 
12:30  A Western Perspective 
12:45  A Syrian Perspective 
13:00  Panel Discussion
13:30 Lunch
SESSION IV  The Reconciliation Process; Facts and Figures
14:30  How Did the Reconciliation Process Start and Where Are We Now?
15:00  How Did the Western Media Address Recent Developments in Aleppo?
15:30  Why Did Reconciliation Not Work in Aleppo Until Now?
The Narrative of Aleppo in the Current Climate 
16:00  What Makes Aleppo Different to Other Cities that Were Struck by the War?
Polarisation of the Conflict; what is Next? 
16:30  Panel discussion
20:30 Dinner

Day Two - Monday 31st October 2016

SESSION V The Effects of Sanctions on the Lives of Ordinary Syrians
09:15 The Effects of Sanctions on Ordinary Syrian People
09:30 Economic and Financial Ramifications of the Sanctions
09:45 The Unique Perspective From A Foreign Diplomats Living in Damascus
10:00 Panel Discussion
10:30 Coffee
SESSION VI The Role of Civil Society During the Syrian Conflict
11:00  The Battle To Defend Syria’s Cultural Heritage From Destruction
11:15 The Targeting of Syria’s Educational Infrastructure
11:30 Syria’s Social Mosaic Endures the Battering
11:45 The Defiant Cultural Scene During the Crisis
12:00 The Syrian Government Humanitarian Response Plan
12:15 The Role of NGO During the Crisis 
12:45  Lunch
SESSION VII  Conclusion Remarks
14:00  Remarks and Conclusions of Session Chairs 
  Panel discussion: All Session Chairs 
15:00  Vote of Thanks
  Official Meetings
15:30 Official meeting with the Foreign Minister H.E Mr Walid Moualem