The Ramifications of the War in Syria: Where Does the World Stand?
Date: 30/October/2016
Location: Damascus University, Main Lecture Theatre

In war, each side has their own argument and in the fog of war truth is always the first casualty. With this in mind and with the belief that the arguments of all sides should be heard, the British Syrian Society organized a two-day workshop to openly discuss where Syria stands today and what is next for the country and its people.

The workshop started by looking at the background of the war and Syria’s foreign relations. The focus then moved to the media war waged against the Syrian state. A session on the reconciliation process backed with facts and figures concluded the first day of the workshop.

The second day of the workshop started with a session on the effects of the sanctions on ordinary Syrians followed by the role of the civil society during the war. The workshop with a special session dedicated to the remarks and conclusions of all session chairs.

Out of the 200 participants taking part in this workshop, 60 foreign delegates representing academics, policy makers, retired military officials and diplomats from nine different nationalities made the trip to Damascus to join their Syrian counterparts. Many of these foreign delegates had also the chance to meet with the Syrian Foreign Minister and His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad at the end of the workshop.

A comprehensive workshop report was compiled by the Syrian Law Journal and it can be accessed here.