The War in Syria; the Challenges and Opportunities

Damascus 24 – 25 May 2017

Damascus University

Registration for the conference is closed.

The conflict that engulfed Syria over the last six years has tested both people and government to their limits. What began as local demonstrations in the wake of similar actions in Tunisia, Algeria, Bahrain, Libya and Egypt was quickly hijacked by Islamist radicals aided and abetted by regional and international powers anxious to settle scores with the Syrian government. Six years into this devastating war, the once flourishing country that was considered one of the safest places in the world is now synonymous with extreme violence and total destruction. A closer look at the daily lives of Syrians, however, reveals a far more complicated and dynamic picture.

The British Syrian Society will be holding a conference at the University of Damascus to discuss day-to-day issues that reflect the suffering of the Syrian people as a result of the war. The first day of this seminar aims to explore major challenges faced by both the Syrian people and their government as they try to survive out this unprecedented war. The second day will examine the future prospects and opportunities, which the country can harness once the war subsides.

The Prime Minister along with a number of ministers and high-ranking government officials as well as leading economists and lawmakers will join to give presentations on the above topics based on accurate and transparent statistics of facts, figures. Corruption and transparency will be discussed during the sessions. This will be followed by open and transparent discussions leading to a set of conclusions and recommendations, which will be officially communicated to the relevant authorities and followed up by the British Syrian Society. Such document could form the structure of further event in London.

Conference Programme