Society Committees

Media & Information Committee:

The Media & Information Committee of the British Syrian Society aims at developing a better understanding of Syria in the British media.

To that end it will help in providing and establishing access for British media in Syria as well as helping Syrian media to make contacts within the UK.


Education & Cultural Committee

This committee will encourage educational & cultural exchange between the two countries. Through bringing academics and specialists together in forums of open and free discussions and the organising of lecture programmes. It will introduce the British public to the wealth of Syrian culture, history, fine arts and music, through the sponsorship of exhibitions, festivals and special events.


Political Committee

The Political Committee aims to strengthen political links between the UK and Syria, in particular through exchange visits by Parliamentarians and officials.


Business & Economic Committee

The objective of the Business & Economic Committee is to expand economic, commercial and business links between the UK and Syria through;

  • Promoting trade between the two countries
  • Assisting British companies interested to export to or invest in Syria
  • Assisting Syrian businessmen and exporters to export to the United Kingdom
  • Promoting banking and financial links between the two countries
  • Organising joint private sector meetings and conferences, both in the UK or in Syria to further this strengthening of business ties


Membership & Youth Committee

The membership of the Society forms its backbone and the Membership & Youth committee actively promotes the introduction of new members in Syria and the UK as well as holding events relating to the Membership and to the Youth as important components of the membership.


Development Committee

This committee is devoted to follow up and develop the recommendations and outcomes of the various conferences and seminars which the BSS has undertaken in Syria over the past years. The development committee will follow up and facilitate the realisation of these recommendations and outcomes through specific activities, initiatives and pilot projects.

Current undertakings of this committee include:

  • The Tourism Police Pilot Project
  • The Oldest Living City Initiative
  • The Development and running of the BSS website